Logos & Branding
Logo design for the Culinary DJ.
"The Culinary DJ show is a live catered DJ set
balancing cooking times and synchronizing with the track mixes.
This logo design is for an energy consulting company.
I chose the unlikely hummingbird for this forward-looking, innovative, sustainably-minded company, because of what they represent: Unlike humans who must fuel up hours before intense exercise, hummingbirds can refuel in mid-flight. The fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol - further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity. And, infinity and 8 are the same shape...so even better!
Logo design (above) and creative token "business cards" (below)
for Thought Pose – https://www.thoughtpose.com/
- a website/blog forum with the mission: "Observe, and consider the perspectives of others. Reflect, and form your own unique perception.
Share, and inspire others to observe."
Logo design for Joya Systems: http://joyasystems.com/

Logo for Handcrafted Hope: Hand-made jewelry from women in Nicaragua.
Sold in USA, proceeds go back to the women.

Logo design for Project Schoolhouse's "H2Ome" water fundraiser.
The plan of H2Ome in 2013 was to build the first clean water system
in the remote mountainside Nicaraguan village of Ubu, and pipe it to each home.

Fundraiser invite below:

Logo for O3 Skincare, a product line of ozone/
oxygen-infused jojoba oil for the skin.
See fully branded/packaging project here.
Logos for local musical talent: Ormide Armstrong Empire. 
Two versions (simple/complex) for different marketing swag needs

Logo design for Fearless Females,
a health and fitness training company for women.

Logo design for Holy Cacao, a desert food trailer in Austin, TX.

Logo design for Sharp Leaf Technologies,
creators of eco-friendly high-volume machine tools and supportive technologies.

Logo design for Dively Energy Services,
a consulting business for energy companies.

Logo design for Kapah Ginger Brew: homemade ginger ale
made in the live music capital of the world: Austin, TX.

Logo for Enerwood in Labouheyre, France:
energy-efficient wood pellets used for heating the home.
Logo design for a Sweets Boutique bakery in Xenia, Ohio.
Logo design for Auspine, LLC: "Medical Device Innovation and Product Development Consulting." Austin, TX

Logo design for JaksVino Wine Group, a supplier of high quality affordable wines for its members.

Logo, business card and letterhead for SiEnergy, a natural gas energy provider in central Texas.

 Logo design for Primoris Builders, a high-end, luxury homebuilder.

Logo design for Dança Coração - Kizomba dance instructors
Logo design for the Austin AllStars, a Central Texas based Latin Dance inspired organization. "We are a collaboration between promoters, dance instructors, performers, DJ’s, business owners and dance enthusiasts."

Business card design with original mandala illustration for Linda Galvan - first piece in creating her brand's look and feel, including fonts and type treatment/logo.

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