For as long as I can remember, I've had a need to express myself thru drawing and painting. When I was a very small child, my parents say I would insist on drawing first at the picnic table with crayons before I'd agree to hike with the family on camping trips. "I have to get the art out of me!" I'd say. 

For the past 14 years or so, my favorite medium has been acrylic paint on canvas. The primary inspirations for my paintings stem from my diverse personal experiences and memories from world travel, my love of dance, and my meditation practice. I enjoy experimenting with color, texture and detail to enhance the emotional experience and bring my story to life for the viewer.

Below are a selection of my acrylic paintings. I have been in a handful of shows locally in Austin, TX over the past few years, and continue to sell both originals and prints. I've recently begun accepting commissions as well.

If you are interested in pricing for any of the below (originals or prints), or ordering a custom piece, send me a message!

Commissioned piece, sold, 2019
"The Feminine Universe"
Cool relax
"Trusting Life"
"On the Embankment (Porto)"
"The Open Road, Tasmania"
Kizomba Embrace
Kizomba Flow
"Dance with Me" (Sold/prints available)
Managua, Nicaragua
"Reflection" (Sold/prints available)
Unfamiliar (Sold/prints avilable)
"Portland stroll" (Sold, prints available)
Originals and/or prints are available for sale in a variety of sizes. 
Contact me for more information:
Thank you!
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