O3 Skincare offers oxygen/ozone-infused jojoba oil to nourish the skin and heal the body from the outside-in. The O3 Jojoba line of products offers three different measures of oxygen, from a lightly-infused skin conditioner up to a high-dose super-cream. The skin conditioner is also available in lavender, grapefruit and rosemary.  The newest product, Orozone, is designed specifically for dental and gum health.

Logo creation: the vibrant O3 Skincare logo taps into the feel of the lush, natural colors of the jojoba plant and it's rich, golden oil, situated inside of an oxygen "O" "bubble".

I designed all bottle labels (including drawing all illustrations), shown below, for all product offerings, along with business cards and a product information rack card.

This project won an American Packaging Design Award in 2012 from Graphic Design USA Magazine.


Logo brainstorm for an additional product line that ended up not happening...but I thought these were fun!
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