Trade show booth design for Pulselight (light-up cube, light-up tower, and backdrop) – including new design elements to help give their branding a more complete, modern, sophisticated look. 

Client already had the logo and color palette, but no design elements or design assets. I created 4 different colors of "swooshes" that they will use moving forward on everything, based on what they do (lightning-fast software analytics), their color palette, and very much inspired by their name: Pulselight. 
3D mockup of booth with all of the elements together. 3D mockup created using Adobe Dimension CC.

Tradeshow swag: deck of cards take-away gift for attendees.
Project artwork: Adobe Illustrator / Portfolio mockup: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Artwork designed for the light-up cube - all 4 sides shown that wrap around the cube. 
Artwork created using Adobe Illustrator.
Artwork designed for the light-up cube tower - all 4 sides that wrap around.
Artwork created using Adobe Illustrator.
Artwork created for the backdrop wall of the booth. A large TV screen was planned to be in front of it, along with people and chairs, so it was purposefully designed to be clean and simple, with the top part most visible. (see 3D booth mockup). Artwork created using Adobe Illustrator. 
Below is the original guidance from the client along with the above powerpoint slides: 

“We’re thinking about a backdrop of either slide 1 or 2.  We have a 4 sided cube that will have slide 3 as the 4 sides. We will also have a cube tower that will have:

Program Integrity
Critical Incident
Fraud, Waste, Abuse 

(Each on one panel with our logo at the top.) 
This is very rough and I welcome your input and ideas.”
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